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Summer Outfits for Girls

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How to Put Together Cute Outfits for Girls this Season

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The summer season has an entirely different clothing style compared to other seasons. Hence, finding a cute outfit idea that truly encompasses this period is not always an easy task. It’s recommended that girls lean towards bright colors with fun prints, chiffon, linen, and light cotton during the summer months. Are you confused about how to style your summer outfit for girls?  

You don’t have to worry about your child’s wardrobe, as our perfectly curated clothing subscription box is based on their style preference. We have got your girls covered with stylish summer dress selections for a party, day at camp, or family dinner.  To get started, take our 3-minute style quiz with your little girl to ensure our stylists curate the perfect box based on her answers. The shopping stress will completely be avoided since we do the selection process for you. Based on your subscription plan, you get a personalized fashion box every 4, 6, or 12 weeks throughout the summer season. The box contains seven pieces of cute summer outfits, including shoes, just for her.  

girl in kidpik clothes

Style Tips to Follow During the Summer

It's almost time for you girls to flaunt your favorite outfits when having fun at the beach, parties, or hanging out with friends. But wait! Is the scorching summer weather making you worried about what to wear to beat the heat? Or are you worried about the casual styles to wear that are both comfortable and trendy at the same time? Don’t worry, our team of expert stylists will do the work of translating your vision to a casual yet fun style that fits the season. 

Consider using these styling tips below when you receive your kidpik subscription box: 

Shirts and shorts are the go-to look for the summer season and are easy to mix and match. 

Layering help kids to try out all their bright color clothes at once. Style a colorful shirt with shorts and a denim jacket.   

Although most older kids prefer to wear black if you plan to stay outdoors for long during the summer, avoid it. 

Opt for fabrics and dresses that are easily washable; summer outfits often need washing due to the heat and sweat. 

Maxi dresses are a vital beach outfit for girls as it’s incredibly effortless to style. To look summer-ready, pair your maxi dress with a matching hat or statement bag. 

For everyday clothing, choose light dresses and shorts, so you feel relaxed and look chic. Keep the darker hues for the evenings and nights. 

So that you do not often repeat a look, mix and match your outfits to create new styles every time you wear your favorite pieces. 

White clothes, tank tops, jumpsuits, rompers, midi skirts, jean jackets, and floral dresses are must-haves for your wardrobe.  

You can create a casual summer look by pairing a floral dress with a denim jacket and comfy white sneakers or sandals. 

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With our kidpik fashion box, you get 3 coordinated outfits in sizes 2T-16 at a significantly discounted price. 

An average kidpik subscription box costs $98.  

Also, there is a 30% keep-all discount available on every personalized box. 

Here are the trends of this summer for girls:  


Hats and Sandals

A quintessential summer look for every girl is a cute hat and sandals! There is an added style this look gives to your outfit.  

The beachy style is excellent for almost all outdoor events — a pool party, hitting the mall with friends, and even when visiting a new city.  

Heels are substituted for sandals and shoes when the weather changes, and the trend is no different for little girls this summer.  

Any open-mouthed shoes, flip flops, and ankle-strapped sandals work best as they allow your feet to breathe. 


Floral Prints

A summer outfit is never complete without a floral look.  

Floral dresses perfectly fit every occasion as it gives an elegant and eye-catching feel at the same time.  

So pull out any from our pik and pair them up with some accessories like sunglasses, hats, or messenger bags.  

Also, floral pants and denim shorts are one of the ways to style a white shirt.  

For a perfect brunch look, combine your floral pants with a bag, top, or any of your personalized kidpik shirts. 


Summer Dresses

Dresses are the perfect fashion piece to wear in the summertime. They're easy to wear and are lightweight enough to keep you cool. You can dress up your outfit with fabulous shoes and accessories or keep it casual with your favorite pair of flip flops.

girls in kidpik clothes

kidpik is the perfect place to get various clothes, shoes, and accessories with each delivery. When you sign up for our clothing subscription boxes and complete a fun quiz, our stylists select a mix of trendy and in-style clothes. Who doesn’t want to look unique and cute during the summer? The cool thing is that each of your personally styled cute summer outfits is delivered right at your door with no added cost. Since each fashion box is offered in different shapes, sizes, and styles, your girls will enjoy creating different looks from the same pieces this summer. 


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