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Looking for the best clothing subscription box for your boy or girl? The right subscription will save you time and deliver style, quality, and amazing value to your kid. Learn how to choose the perfect one for your child that checks all the right boxes here.

Are you wondering if a clothing subscription is worthwhile for your boy or girl? Or looking for the best children's clothing subscription box that's just right for what your girl or boy needs? We'll take you through the amazing benefits, then give you some pointers on how to pick the best monthly subscription box! Here we go...

The Benefits of a Children’s Clothing Subscription Box

Why Boys and Girls Love Them!

Why are boxes like kidpik the best? Clothing subscription boxes are AMAZING for your kid because they're...

Totally on-trendand always up to date so they can feel confident and look awesome at school … and everywhere else!

Styled by an expertbecause when it comes to coordinating fashion, who wouldn't love a little expert advise!

A super fun delivery!Our monthly box is a gift that they can look forward to and unbox with excitement every month, 6 weeks, or 12 weeks.

Why Parents Love Them!

Moms and dads love them too. With all these amazing benefits, how could you not order a kids subscription box?

Super convenient!Free deliveries, no mall trips, and you can try everything on in the comfort of your home

ZERO riskwith free returns and exchanges (and only pay for what you keep)

Amazing valueno styling fees and generous 25-35% OFF keep-all discounts available

Really, what's not to love? If you're ready to give the best kids clothing subscription box a try, you're in the right place! Just click below to get started. We'll take you (and your kid) through our fun styling quiz, set up your preferences, and order your first box. It's fun, quick, easy... and did we say fun?

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kidpik clothing subscription box kidpik clothing subscription box kidpik clothing subscription box

6 Tips To Find the Best Clothing Subscription Box Company

Here at kidpik, we know a thing or two about clothing subscriptions. In fact, we're a little bit obsessed with finding (and being) the best. Here are 6 tips to help you compare different brands and choose the best clothing subscription box for your kid:


Look For No-Fee Styling

You don’t have to hire a personal stylist or pay styling fees to get fashionable clothes for your kids! kidpik includes this for FREE.


Check for Head-To-Toe Coordinated Outfits

The best clothing subscription boxes for boys and girls come with clothes, shoes, and accessories that work together to create stylish mix-and-match outfits. So you can get a variety of cute outfits from just a few pieces. kidpik is the only kids clothing subscription box that takes the difficulty & stress out of dressing your little ones by delivering complete outfits including exclusive shoes and accessories.


See if They Have The Latest Trends

Do they seem to follow current trends? Are they up to date with the latest style? Your monthly clothing box should be full of clothes and accessories that are trending right now! (Get a sneak peek at the latest trends by visiting our online Lookbook!)


Check That They Customize the Box to Their Style

Every boy or girl has their own unique style preference. So when you're comparing clothing subscription boxes, make sure they tailor the outfits based on their preferences. When you sign up, your kid can tell us exactly what they love (and don't) with our fun quiz! kidpik stylists pay close attention to all your little ones preferences to ensure that they curate the best mix-&-match outfits just for them.


Make Sure They Offer Free Shipping & Returns

You should only sign up with a clothing subscription company that offers free styling, free shipping, and free returns. That way, there's no risk for you and you only pay for what you LOVE. Receive 25-35% off when you keep the entire box.


Investigate Their Reputation

Check the reviews to make sure customers are happy with shipping times, customer service, value, fit, and awesome clothing quality. You can take a look at kidpik’s reviews to see what our members think.

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The Best Clothing Subscription Box Is Waiting For You

Sign up today to make sure you’re in time for our next box! Getting started is fun, easy, and 100% free. We’ll take you (and your kid) through 3 simple steps.

kidpik clothing subscription box

Heart CheckmarkTake our fun style quiz (feel free to include your boy or girl) to figure out their (totally unique) style.

Heart CheckmarkOur stylists get to work picking 3 mix & match outfits for your kids.

Heart CheckmarkYour boy or girl unboxes the excitement with her personalized children’s clothing subscription box delivered to your door!

You and your kid will think it’s the BEST THING EVER. And if you don’t, you can easily send it all back at no cost. Click below to get started 100% risk free!

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