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What makes a children’s clothes box subscription so appealing to parents? And what should you look for before you order one? Follow our checklist to make sure you choose the right clothing box for you and your girl.

What To Look For In Your Kids’ Clothes Box Subscription

The first time you sign up for a clothes box for your child, you might feel a bit skeptical.

  • Is it really as good as it looks?

  • What if my kid doesn’t like it?

  • What if it doesn’t fit?

  • What’s the risk?

As long as you know what to look for, so you pick the right clothes box subscription, you’ll quickly realize how Convenient, Time-Saving, and Fun they really are!

Why Order a Children’s Clothes Box Subscription?

Buying children’s clothes online can be time consuming and difficult - however a personalized clothes box delivered free right to your door is Fast, Easy, Fun, and Exciting! Here’s why you and your kids will love it:

Heart CheckmarkYou’ll get unique exclusive outfits for girls you won’t find in your local stores (with kidpik, we’ll personalize her box based on what she loves!)

Heart CheckmarkYou’ll discover how fun the anticipation and exciting the unboxing experience can be

Heart CheckmarkYou can say goodbye to busy changing rooms and stressful mall shopping trips... and say hello to relaxing and enjoying more time with your family.

But that doesn’t mean you should get just any clothes box. Take a look at our checklist below and make sure your clothes box subscription measures up before you sign up!

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kidpik children clothes box online kidpik children clothes box online kidpik children clothes box online

Clothes Box Subscription Checklist

Check these 13 things off your list before you order a clothing subscription box for your girl.

The Benefits of a Children’s Clothing Subscription Box

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Top Quality

It can be disappointing when you’ve ordered your children’s clothes online and they’re not the quality you expected. So check the reviews before you order!

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Your girl’s totally unique and her fashion subscription should be too! Look for a service that offers custom styling and personalization. When you sign up, kidpik takes your girl through a fun quiz to find out her favorite color, pattern, fit, sparkle level and style preferences so we can personalize outfits just for her! Take our fun style quiz!

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Head-To-Toe Coordination

kidpik takes the difficulty out of coordinating and putting together little girls’ clothes. Each box includes 3 mix-and-match head-to-toe fashionable outfits including fabulous shoes and an accessory. All personalized to your girl unique style.

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Up-To-Date Trends

When you order a kids’ fashion clothes box, it should be packed with on-trend clothes your girl feels excited and confident to wear! kidpik is the girls' only fashion box, that is focused on trend right looks.

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The Right Look

Some clothes boxes cater to just babies and toddlers, however if your girl wants to wear more age appropriate clothes look for a box that offers the current styles in the sizes she needs. At kidpik whether your girl is trendy, active, classic or girly the outfits are loved by moms and daughters. See kidpik lookbook.

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Accurate Sizing

Getting sent the wrong size is frustrating, so check the reviews to make sure most customers are happy with the sizing. kidpik designs all their clothing in-house to assure consistent fit from head-to-toe. In case you need a different size kidpik exchanges are easy, fast and free.

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Free Shipping and Returns

If you need to exchange an item, or if something in your clothes box isn’t the right match for your girl, you should be able to send it back without paying for shipping. With kidpik shipping is free to your door and returns are free and easy using the included pre-paid bag.

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Buy Only What You Want

Try everything on, in the comfort of your home and decide what you LOVE. You only pay for your kidpik order 7 days after it arrives, and only for the items you decide to keep, with our easy online checkout.

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No Commitments

If you want to skip a month or cancel your monthly clothing box subscription, you should be able to do it right away. kidpik is commitment and hassle-free, pause, skip or cancel with ease.

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Check whether you get a discount on any of the items you keep. kidpik is great value to begin with and rewards customers who keep everything in the box with a generous 30% off the keep all discount!

Get the Clothes Box Subscription That Checks Every Box

kidpik children clothes box online

Could kidpik be the seasonal clothes box you’ve been looking for? There’s only one way to know for sure… sign up and get started! It’s totally hassle-free and you only pay for what your girl loves - so give our subscription box for girls a try. We look forward to sending your girl amazing, personalized outfits soon. Join the fun now!