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Cute Spring Outfits for Girls

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How to Put Together SPRING-TASTIC Outfits for Girls this Season

kidpik subscription boxes are the perfect gift, reward, or just-for-fun surprise!


Discover Her Style!

At kidpik, we provide cute spring outfits for girls. We have a quick and fun style quiz for your girl after you sign up. This style quiz is designed to help her uncover her unique style. We will become her very own personal stylist and create her unique style this spring.


Get the Perfect Pieces Needed to Mix and Match Girls' Clothing!

Dress your girl up in the best girl's fashion available this spring! Style her in the coolest athleisure wear, floral dresses, jean jackets, leggings, tie-dye tops, and shoes to produce unique looks for different occasions this spring.


Update Her Wardrobe This Spring.

Fill your girl's wardrobe with the perfect spring outfits. At kidpik, we believe that her style should evolve as she grows. The best wardrobe is one that grows and changes with your girl (and the weather). With each kidpik monthly subscription box, you and your little girl can pick and choose new items to create even more fun stuff to wear this spring. Whether it's a new dress or a pair of denim jeans, we're here to help you put together cute outfits for your little girl.

Girls' Outfits for Spring FAQs

What if my child doesn't like wearing plain shirts?

Then she doesn't have to! Here at kidpik, our style quiz is designed to understand her unique style. We then operate as her personal stylist. We have a wide variety of products, including plaid and tie-dye shirts for her to choose from. If she still doesn’t like it, you can return for free.

How can I get a subscription box for my daughter?

It's easy! Start by taking our fun style quiz. Our team of expert stylists will use her responses to personalize a custom-styled fashion box just for her. It will include three mix-and-match spring outfits, all designed to help your girl express her unique style.

Can you have a mix of comfort and style?

Indeed, if comfort is what you want, kidpik is the right place to be. We think comfort is just as important as style and design our pieces with only the best materials available. You get quality, beauty, and love in every stitch. We never disregard comfort when designing our trendiest pieces. We use the softest materials, that your kids will want to wear all day long.


Cute Outfits for Girls: How to Create Her Look

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Nothing lights up a girl's smile, quite like an introduction to fashion. Help your girl to the best of girls' fashion this spring. Empower her with the freedom to choose what she wants. The element of choice is the core element of style for us at kidpik. Your girl can learn to pick her fashion clothes this spring in 3 easy steps. 


Discover her style!

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You can easily guide your girl on her journey to self-discovery. Fashion is a language of expression. Guide your girl to discovering her unique style. We have a range of colorful and monochrome threads for her to express herself with. Try these questions to help her identify and visualize what she might like: 

What are her favorite colors and flowers? 

What will she be most comfortable wearing for her hobbies? 

What patterns does she like? 

Alternatively, she can take our straightforward style quiz to help her figure out her style. Taking the style quiz is the first step when you sign up for our girl's clothing subscription box. 


Build on the basics!

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When building anything, it is essential to make a good foundation first. It is crucial to have a proper understanding of the basics. You can then build up from this point to anywhere. 

To create the perfect spring wardrobe, you have to keep the weather in mind. It would be best if you took note of the temperature change. Notice how the weather in early spring is coolest, and the weather from late spring to summer is much warmer. 

You should pay particular interest to layering. For instance, a shirt may be worn with a denim jacket earlier in the season. Remember also to accessorize correctly. 

It is also essential to take note of her favorite activities when assembling her wardrobe. If she is sporty, for example, you might want to invest a bit more in athleisure. 

Remember to build from the basics when selecting your girl's clothing, but don't shy away from the spectacular. 


Get curated girls' clothes in our monthly subscription boxes for girls this spring!

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Subscribe to our subscription box service. You can check out our world-class clothing subscription boxes for girl's clothing this spring. You can choose to receive a box every 4, 6, or 12 weeks.  


We have an outstanding team of experts who work as personal stylists to put together our girls' clothing subscription boxes based on each child's unique style and preference. Our styling services are provided at no extra cost. Each subscription box contains seven items with which your girl can create three head-to-toe, fully stylized outfits. Our subscription boxes service has a 100% free return policy on any unwanted item. Treat your girl to her own personalized kidpik subscription box! 


Treat your girl to a box today!

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Get the best spring outfits for your girl at kidpik. You can save valuable hours when you shop with us. Order a box for your girl right away or send her a kidpik gift card (with a special message from you!).  

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Spring Trends

Floral skirts and dresses, denim jackets, fun graphic tees, and leggings are going to become spring staples in every toddler's wardrobe. By starting with these pieces, you can build your little one the perfect spring collection.  

For older girls, spring wardrobe staples include tie-dye activewear sets, maxi dresses, colored denim skirts, and denim jackets.  

Your girl's spring wardrobe staples will vary depending on where you live and her age. Start with the basics and then add in trendy pieces every season to build her wardrobe.  

Jeans, ruffle tops, wrap skirts, and denim jackets are among the trendy clothes for spring.  

No wardrobe is complete without the shoes! Patterned slip-on shoes, booties, and stand-out sneakers are must-haves for girls of all ages.  

Spring brings us not only warmer temperatures but new fashion trends that create the perfect spring outfit. This season's trends are all available at kidpik! 

Getting started with kidpik is easy!

Sign up today and take our fun style quiz.

Our team of expert stylists takes it from there by coordinating three mix-and-match spring outfits just for your girl!

She'll love receiving a surprise fashion box this spring season and you'll love the convenience.

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