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Back to School Outfits for Girls

Girls Back To School Clothes and Outfits

Back to School and Fall Outfits for Girls

School shopping is made easy with the kidpik subscription box!

Cute Little Girl Back To School Clothes

Everyone knows that with the fall and back to school season comes the all-important back to school outfits for your girl!

This time is one full of excitement and the chance to start fresh. It's the best time to give her wardrobe a refresh and try out some great new styles.

Growing up is all about figuring out who you are, and developing your own unique personal style is a big part of that. We rounded up everything you'll need to style the best back to school outfits for the school year!

The back to school season can be stressful. Putting together a cute school outfit for your girl shouldn't be. That's why we did the work for you.

We have everything your kid needs to put together a cute outfit for the first day of school. 


Figuring out your girl's fashion taste is the first step.

It's not as hard as it may seem! It's all about knowing who your girl is, and what she wants to be, and then translating that all into fashion.

When back to school shopping, it's important to choose clothes that will be great for the first day but still be able to be styled for a cute fall outfit, as well.

The first step to creating your kid's new school fall wardrobe, it to ask them questions. 

What are her favorite colors?

Does she like skirts or shorts?

Dresses or jeans?

Is she sporty or girly?

Is she a mix of everything? 

Would she wear a bomber jacket with mom jeans, or denim leggings and a white tee?

Will she wear a skirt, or is she more comfortable in pants and a cardigan?


When putting together any wardrobe, but especially during the back to school season, it's important to build on the basics.

Chances are, your girl already has a favorite white t-shirt or pair of jeans to wear in the fall. Building a trusty wardrobe of trendy yet basic pieces will help you save money when it comes to adding fashion pieces. 

Go through her already existing fall wardrobe to see what pieces she has that she would like to use in her new school wardrobe. 


Spend time together taking our 3-minute style quiz to really narrow her style down.

Talk through the questions, and choose the outfits together. You'll both walk away having a better sense of her unique personal style. 

Get personalized outfits for your girl by signing up for our monthly clothing subscription box!

Once you complete the 3-minute style quiz, our team of expert stylists will then use those answers to curate a fashion box full of seven pieces, including shoes, just for her.

You can choose to receive a box every 4, 6, or 12 weeks, and you only have to pay for what you keep.

Shopping has never been so easy!  

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Back to School Trends for Girls 


When back to school shopping for your girl, it's important to pick timeless yet trendy pieces that can last the whole school year.

First up, is denim! Jeans are a back to school shopping staple. With trends changing constantly, it's good to start with a classic style like skinny jeans that she can wear again and again.

For a trendier piece, try a pair of ripped jeans. These can be worn with leggings underneath to fit school guidelines. If your girl is looking to experiment with her style, try a relaxed fit in a light wash.   

Dresses are a must for back to school style. There's always a school event or friend's party where they come in handy. Select dresses in your girl's favorite colors and prints, that she'll be excited to wear.  

With school comes school sports, and our activewear collection is perfect for everything from gym class to practice.

Choose fun printed leggings to wear with a solid color t-shirt. Pair matching short sets with fun zip-up sweatshirts.

Don't forget the sneakers! Choose a pair in a bright color to help her personal style shine.  

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When it comes to selecting the best clothing subscription box for your girl, it's important to check out the reviews.

Check out these kidpik reviews from parents and kids all over the country. We would love to hear your feedback too, just click on the feedback link after you have subscribed for your first box and you get your child's clothes delivered to you.  

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