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Summer Outfits for Boys

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As parents or caretakers, there’s no better feeling than seeing your child happy, and the right clothes can certainly make them look cuter. Summer is here, which means plenty of outdoor activities, trips to the pool or beach, and lots of fun with the family.  

Summer outfits for boys should be all about comfort, fit, and style, which means they should be light to wear, fashionable, and quick-to-dry. When shopping for summer clothes, it is best to go for a mix of formal and informal clothing items and accessories that can be easily worn to not only casual hangouts but also to family parties. Here are some cool outfit ideas to try this hot summer: 

boy in kids clothes

Shorts and a Plain Tee with Hat 

Nothing screams summer like shorts, a common wardrobe staple in boys’ closets. While trousers are more suited to older teenage guys, shorts are perfect for your little ones. You can pick a lively color such as red or green and pair it with a classic white tee, or if you are not very fond of the bold color then khaki is always a neutral option that goes well with almost all colors.  

Navy or black shorts can add a more sophisticated touch to your boy’s look. Avoid baggy or long oversized shorts, and instead, opt for a length that sits right above the knee. If you are feeling a little extra snazzy, then you add a baseball or bucket hat. Hats and caps are also a summer classic that can brilliantly tie your kid’s whole outfit and make it look more put-together. Plus, you get a lot of options to choose from, and they act as good protection from the sun, especially if your boy will be outdoors for a long time.  

Plaid Shirt with Denim Jeans  

Boys in plaid shirts are a timeless look that is also light and comfortable for the summers. For a laidback trendy look, invest in a slightly oversized plaid shirt and pair it with faded denim jeans and ankle boots. Short-sleeve plaids are also an option you should definitely look into if long-sleeved shirts are a bit too hot for your kid to style in the summers. Another outfit idea would be to combine the plaid with denim shorts and white sneakers, which are particularly great for weekend trips.  

Camo Print with Bold-Colored Shirts  

Camouflage clothing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are looking to put together a stylish summer outfit for your boy, then this print might be the way to go. The option is not only comfortable and fit for summer but also very versatile due to its neutral color. Plus, you will have a lot to choose from, such as baggy camo pants, jogger-style, straight-leg style, colored, and military-grade camo pants. One of the best ways to pair this clothing item is with a nicely fitted t-shirt that has a bold solid color, such as mustard yellow, red or blue. Camo Pants with a white or black tank-top are also great for the summers. This outfit idea is best suited for older boys rather than younger boys. 

Hawaiian Shirts  

Perhaps the most summery design, Hawaiian shirts are also a summer must-have for your children. It instantly acts as a reminder of all the good things –the beach, islands, and everything fun that summer has to offer. Thankfully, there are also numerous ways you can style this to give off more fun and relaxed look. You can combine this shirt with light trousers or use it as an over-shirt with a graphic-tee paired with shorts. If you are preparing your boy for a trip to a getaway, then styling this shirt over a white tank top and distressed denim jeans can also be a winning look. 

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Polo Shirt with Chinos 

Polo shirts are a more sophisticated version of a t-shirt, yet they are so versatile that your child can pull it off both at the beach and during a trip to the museum. So if you are all about sophistication without compromising on comfort, you might want to incorporate this garment into your everyday summer wardrobe. For a more formal look, Pair the polo shirt with chinos or light denim jeans. A belt and loafers will definitely add an oomph to the outfit that is sure to not go unnoticed amongst your friends and family, and this outfit can work for more ceremonial events, such as a family dinner. Another good option would be to style the polo shirt with khaki shorts and top the look off with a pair of boat shoes or sneakers.  

When it comes to buying summer outfits for boys, the process can be rather tricky, especially if you don’t know where to look or don’t really have a knack for fashion.  

Here at kidpik, we provide custom-made, pre-styled boxes that are carefully curated and designed to include seasonal clothing items that align with your child’s personality and likes. You will receive three mix-and-match outfits personally styled for your boy. 

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