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How To Dress Your Child as A Rock Star

Dressing up as a rockstar remains one of the most fun costumes ideas for children. Rock star fashion covers a wide range of clothing, from edgy, tough punk choices to over-the-top, vibrant glam and glitter. Creating a rocking outfit requires the perfect ensemble of fashion items, including tops, bottoms, shoes, hair, makeup and accessories. With the right style essentials, along with your child’s unique personality, this can be a bold, fun, and confident experience. 

The following informational guide was developed to help parents bring out their little one’s inner rock star. We will explore the different types of rockstar fashion and the best opportunities for your child to rock out.  

Dressing Up as a Rock Star Builds Confidence
Rock stars are bold and confident in their attitudes and clothing style. Dressing up as a rock star builds confidence and gives your child permission to behave more fiercely than they would normally. This is a fun way to bring out your child’s inner playful and spunky personality.
There are numerous events that children can use as use an opportunities to dress up as a little Lady Gaga, David Bowie, or Rolling Stones lookalike.

Occasions May Include:
• Halloween Costumes
• Birthday Parties
• Costume Party
• Talent Show
• Family Karaoke Night

Let your child use any occasion that is appropriate as a reason to rock out with these fun fashion trends.

Choose Their Look
Start by helping your child decide which genre or rocker’s style that they would like to mimic. There are various styles and eras of rockstars for you and your child to look to for ideas. Try searching Pinterest or online fashion magazines for ideas. 
Popular Rocker Looks Include:
• Punk
• Grunge
• Glam
Think of all of the eras of rockers and the unique differences in style. For example, the wild makeup and big hair in the 80’s. These references will help your child learn and understand more about style. 

Punk Rock Essentials 
The perfect look starts with a solid bottom. Typically, rockers opt for pants that are tight legged, rather than baggy. 
Choose skinny jeans or cargo pants to start your little boy’s or girl’s punk rock costume. Punk rockers generally opt for black pants. 
This is a simple down-to-earth style that usually consists of simple t-shirts, band tees, leather jackets, and sneakers. Plain white t-shirts also look great underneath a rocking leather or denim jacket. Blazers or other suit jackets also look adorable and edgy when paired with jeans. 

Grunge Rockers
The grunge rocker look is a fun fashion statement that typically involves oversized clothing, plaid, ripped/ distressed jeans, and sneakers or boots. Dressing up as a grunge rocker is fun because the clothing patterns are intended to mismatch. 
Girls can dress grunge by wearing plaid skirts over their jeans or leggings. Boys can wear baggy jeans, canvas sneakers, and oversized shirts.

Glam Rock
Glam rock fashion has changed significantly over the years but is known for bright glitter, metallic colors, and unique materials. Dressing your child as a glam rocker involves using unconventional fabrics, including spandex, faux silk, velvet, and other vibrant materials.
Little girls enjoy going all out with their rockstar looks. Often sporting leggings, skinny jeans, fancy dresses, or any combination of the three. Opt for leggings with bright unique patterns such as animal prints. You can also add frilly dresses or skirts for the glitter glam rocker image.
Little boys can wear pants with faux leather, velvet, or spandex and complete the look with a blazer with vibrant pattens. 
All rockstars need the right gear to make their statement. Rock fashion features heavy metal accessories, including bracelets, studded bracelets, and necklaces. 
• Oversized Belt
• Real or Clip-On Earrings
• Tie

Hair and Makeup are also important, especially for glam metal styles. Think bright eyeliner and big hair for glam metal, messy hair for punk rockers, and dark makeup for little grunge rockstar costumes.

Baby Girls and Boys
Dressing up your baby or toddler is an adorable and unique costume idea that is sure to get attention. It is important to choose clothing carefully for little boys and girls to ensure that their costume is comfortable and practical. 
Leggings are the most comfortable option for baby and toddler girls. Slip-on skinny jeans with an elastic waist would also be comfortable.

Band tees and graphic tees are a good choice for young children. Toddlers may tolerate wearing a cute blazer over their jeans. Slip on sneakers are a cute and easy way to complete the perfect look for rocker babies. 
Be sure not to use any small accessories when dressing up an infant or toddler. These items could present a choking hazard.  

Every Child is Unique
Much of the clothing mentioned in this article was noted based on a child’s age and gender. However, every child develops at their own pace and develops their own fashion preferences.  It is important to remember that every child is unique, and it is okay to venture out and try whichever styles that they prefer.

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