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Pint-sized coordinated fashion, available with baby-friendly features & silhouettes.

Pint-sized coordinated fashion, available with baby-friendly features & silhouettes.

Pint-sized coordinated fashion, available with baby-friendly features & silhouettes.

Pint-sized coordinated fashion, available with baby-friendly features & silhouettes.

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How Could a Toddler Subscription Box Make Your Life Easier? 

Toddlers are unique little people who are at an age of learning and self-discovery. The toddler years are often spent transitioning through stages of development in personality, characteristics, and style. Many parents don’t realize that toddlers have the ability to develop their own unique styles if given the opportunity to do so. It is crucial to healthy child development to allow young children to develop their own unique style preferences.  

Clothing subscription boxes are a great way to help your little one develop their own sense of style. They are also a safer alternative to department stores for busy parents, (which accounts for all parents with toddler-aged children). 

kidpik offers personalized clothing subscription boxes for your toddler at an economic value. So how could a toddler subscription box make your life as a parent easier? 

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How to Help Your Toddler Discover Which Trends Fit Their Style 

Toddler’s love learning new things and are visual learners, including when it pertains to style. Simply sit them down and show them pictures of different types of clothing to help your toddler learn which things that they like. Show them different colors, accessories, and fits and observe how they react to each. 

kidpik provide parents with a 3-minute style quiz to help them discover what their child’s style preferences may be. Walk your toddler through this quiz patiently. This will help you determine what clothing options that your little one may be happy and comfortable with wearing. 

A Clothing Subscription Box Can Make Shopping Easier 

kidpik subscription boxes bring the store to you and your child. With sizes ranging from a 2T-16, there is clothing to fit nearly every toddler and child, and both boys and girls. There are several reasons that a kid’s clothing subscription box is the best alternative for parent’s with toddlers.  

Saves Time and Energy 

Clothing subscription boxes save parents time and money, but no parent understands the value of saving time from shopping better than a parent of a toddler. As much as our little ones are our pride and joys, we can admit that shopping with a toddler is no easy feat. 

By bringing the clothing store to your home, you no longer have to deal with terrible two’s (threes, or fours) in the middle of a busy department store. 

Safer Than Traditional Shopping 

Keeping up with a toddler is not easy for any parent. Anyone who says otherwise has either never had one, is lying, or has a secret method that we would all like to know. 

A subscription box eliminates the fear of your toddler running off in the store or other unthinkable occurrences. 

Takes The Guesswork Out of Style 

kidpik has a team of children’s clothing designers and stylists on staff that curate every article of clothing that they ship. Each box contains three mix-and-match outfits that take the guesswork out of dressing your toddler. 

For parents, this means that you no longer need to keep up with the latest trends in toddler clothing. 

For the little ones, this means that they may be able to properly dress themselves at an earlier age. Allowing them to dress themselves is easy when you aren’t worried about clashing style and outfit combinations. This will help your toddler develop self-esteem, a sense of style, and take pride in their appearance at a young age. 

Why Do Parents Choose kidpik for Their Toddler’s Subscription Box? 

kidpik has been voted the number one kid subscription box service for three years running, and for good reason. The economical bargain, unique selection, and impeccable customer service are unbeatable. 

Here are a few of the reasons that kidpik outshines other subscription box competitors. 

Economical Value 

kidpik subscription boxes are an economical clothing decision at an average of only $14 per item. The best part is that parents only have to pay for the items that they decide to keep. Each box comes with three mix-and-match outfits and a pair of shoes. If parents decide that they want to keep all of the items, they then receive a 30% ‘keep all’ discount. 

kidpik also provides free shipping, exchanges, returns, and has no hidden fees. Boxes also come with a prepaid USPS bag to make returns easy (and free). 

These added protection perks ensure that your investment is safe and can be made with confidence. 

Unique Apparel 

Help your child stand out among the crowd with the unique apparel created by kidpik. kidpik designs all of their children’s apparel in house, creating truly unique clothing lines that will not be found anywhere else. 

Personalized Boxes 

kidpik provides a truly unique experience by providing a personalized box for every customer. Your child will receive a box with items chosen specifically with their style in mind.  Parents simply need to set up a style profile, with their child’s specific preferences, and the kidpik team will handle the rest. 

Flexible Terms 

How often you receive a box is entirely up to you, parents can choose 4, 6, or 12 week frequencies. Don’t be surprised if you are so satisfied after your first box that you decide to move your selection to a frequency that occurs more often. 

Fast Shipping 

Rather than wait, stylists begin immediately filling your order the moment that you register your child. This means that you should expect your box to arrive within two weeks of sign-up. 

boy in kidpik clothes

Check out reviews from verified customers, along with adorable videos of box unveilings, for more information on why kidpik is the superior choice. 

Visit kidpik to Order Your Toddler’s Unique Clothing Subscription Box 

Visit kidpik online to see photos, read reviews, and learn more about why thousands of parents have already chosen to order their toddler’s apparel through kidpik. kidpik is the only practical option for clothing with their unique apparel, economical value, and superior customer service. 

Parents work hard to make their children happy. There is nothing better than finding something that brings your child so much happiness, keeps them safe, and makes your life easier.  

Reach out to kidpik today for more information. Stylists are standing by and eager to build your toddler’s first unique subscription box.